Specialty Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Thistle Ridge Diabetic Alert Dogs (known as DADs) sniff for the specific scent related to dropping blood sugar levels, and then alert the person until acknowledged. Once alerted, the diabetic person can check their blood sugar level and take action to prevent a dangerous level. DADs are also trained to alert to dangerous high levels and can be trained to alert another person in the household when the diabetic does not respond.

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Blood Tracking Dogs

Whether you are an individual that needs a good tracking dog, or a Game Ranch that could use an extra tool, we have the dog for you. We have proven tracking dogs, and all of our dogs are bred for strong scent detection work.

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Nuisance Animal Removal

Nuisance Animal Removal is a natural behavior for Jack Russells and other working breeds of terriers! We have been breeding our terriers to work for 15 years and hunt them regularly in tight spaces. If you are looking for a dog to assist you with pest issues, you have come to the right place.

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Training Your Own Dog

You may have a pet dog you would like to train as an assistance dog. While this is possible, you and your dog will have to meet all of the same requirements as a dog provided by Thistle Ridge, including having done some training with your dog. At a minimum, your dog should have an AKC “Canine Good Citizen” certificate. We are happy to evaluate your dog for service work, and there is no charge for this when you bring your pet to our training facility.